3 Advertising Methods That Are Often Overlooked by Small Business Owners






Business owners either tend to get stuck in their ways or follow whatever technique is trendy when it comes to advertising. Other business owners will try to spend as little as possible and will only look at the cheapest advertising methods. But, in reality, they should be spending more time looking at returns and considering more than just a handful of techniques. Traditionalists need to look at modern ways to market, while those who are hellbent on using new methods may need to reconsider more traditional options. Let’s take a look at some of the advertising techniques that are often overlooked by small business owners.

Radio Commercials

Radio advertising is one of the things many small business owners think is out of their reach when it isn’t. The price of radio advertising has been dropping significantly over the last few years because radio doesn’t have as many market shares when it comes to media, but that doesn’t mean that it’s inefficient.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods that you can use these days since you can reach a specific audience and you will have more flexibility on scheduling. Not only that, but networks like Sirius could allow you to get access to a nationwide audience in as little as a week. If you want to learn more about how to advertise on the platform, check out this link: https://howtoadvertiseonsiriusxm.com.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is being neglected by businesses these days who prefer to turn to digital solutions like SEO or PPC. While these methods are all great, they have one fatal flaw. They assume that all clients spend most of their time online, when, in reality, your clientele may be more involved in the real world than you think.

Companies that advertise to seniors, for instance, will not get as many benefits from a digital marketing campaign as those targeting millennials. The same goes for businesses trying to target business owners who own traditional businesses.

So, see if you can add print advertising into your marketing mix, even if you own a technologically forward business. This could allow you to reach your potential clients from a different angle.

Inbound Marketing

Some people will try their hand at content advertising and will start a little blog for their business. They might go a step further and do some keyword research so they can get a few clicks from search engines. However, very few understand that you have to do much more than that if you want to get great results with content.

If you truly want to unlock your content’s true potential, you need to do inbound marketing instead. Inbound marketing is all about walking your prospects through carefully crafted content funnels. This is especially important if you’re trying to sell new solutions for problems your clients may not fully understand or even be aware they have. So, if you have been using a shotgun approach to content marketing until now, learn a bit more about inbound marketing, and learn some of the tools that will help you reach your objectives.

Virtually all small businesses can use these different techniques to attract more clients and build brand awareness. Try to use as many methods as you can, and never overlook a method out of prejudice or you could miss out on their potential.

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