3 Tie Buying Tips | How to Buy Quality Ties Online

When it comes to looking professional, a man’s tie is one of the most important pieces of clothing he can wear. A good tie can make an outfit look polished and pulled together, while a bad tie can ruin even the best suit. If you’re in the market for a new tie (or several), follow these tips to make sure you’re buying quality ties that will last.

1. Get a necktie that is the right length.

The average length of “regular” ties varies by manufacturer, but is around 57-58 inches. “Extra-long” or larger sizes are closer at 62-64 inches.

Styles that are shorter are for men who are very short (you must be at least 57 inches tall to wear something shorter than 57″) or are vintage.

The 1940s saw short ties become popular, and then again in 1970s. If you look hard enough you might find one in the 50”s. However, the best way to measure length is how it fits on your body. A properly tied necktie should extend just beyond the waist of your trouser.

Plaid ties can add personality and style to your outfit. You can choose from a range of patterns and colors to match your personal style. Plaid ties can also be used for formal events such as weddings and work events.

The thin end should be at least an inch shorter than the rest. If the tie is not pinned, it will often peek out from behind and lose its body.

2. Make sure your necktie is the right width.

The comfortable middle of a good necktie should be found. For most men, 3 1/4 inches is the ideal length.

You may need a little more width if you are particularly tall. Also, men who are very slim can wear a 2 3/4″ tie down without it looking too tight.

Tie without taper (an old-fashioned style) should be a little skinnier and in the 2 3/4″ range.

I use the dollar test to quickly determine the width of a store. The USD measures approximately 6 inches in length. Fold it in half to get a ruler measuring 3 inches.

This will allow you to quickly determine the width of the tie you are about to purchase. For me, the perfect width for my body and style requirements is 3.25 inches. Yours might be smaller or larger depending on your personal preference.

This geometric tie is ideal for modern men. It adds sophistication to any outfit thanks to its sharp lines and sharp angles. This tie can make any outfit look professional, whether it’s a suit or jeans.

3 . Choose A Quality-Build Necktie – Fabric & Construction.

It is easy to determine length and width with a ruler. Your ability to assess the fabric and its construction is what will make the difference between purchasing good ties or great ties at a low price.

Fine silk is the best quality material for making ties. Synthetic fabrics have a similar sheen, but lack the same texture and straight drape as silk.

It is important to consider the texture of silk. A cheaper product will have silk that is rough and catches on your skin when you run your hand over it. These fibers will quickly lose their luster and become stiff. You should look for smoothness and flexibility on the surface.

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