6 Easy Tips to Make Your Online Poker Tournament More Successful

In recent years, more people have been engaging in online poker tournaments to interact with others and spend their leisure time. There is often a thin gap between winners and losers, and the rake continues to make average players losers and great players winners. Although everyone wants to win, only the person with the best skills wins. Developing skills that will put you ahead of the game is important; here are six tips you can use to make your next WPT online tournament more successful:

1)  Mark Your Opponents and Take Notes

Many sites allow you to color-code the players. After identifying different players, you may take in-game notes of your players and their playing strategies. Therefore, you will identify the players easily in future matches. The notes you take about the players will equip you with the relevant knowledge to tackle that opponent.

2)  Size the Opens Well

There are betting pre-set buttons that you can use to size the openings well during different stages of the WPT online tournament. When sizing your opens, keep in mind the average table stack and the table’s dynamics. Therefore, when you are short-stacked, you should size down and open a large amount when you are deep-stacked.

3)  Use a Heads Up Display

HUDs are very helpful when you are multi-tabling. A HUD helps you identify your opponent’s behaviors and categorize them accordingly. HUDs are also useful as they help you recall the behaviors of opponents you might not remember after your previous encounters with them.

4)  Keep Off Distractions

When playing your online tournament from home, you may have the TV or music on or family and friends around. Also, with the internet on, you might have the temptation to keep surfing. You will perform better in your online tournament when you focus on the tournament and block out all distractions.

5)  Utilize Your Breaks Well

Long tournament sessions can be mentally draining. As a result, use the breaks between the tournament sessions well. You can rest between the breaks, get some fresh air, refill your water bottle, or take a short walk. The break will be good for your brain when you go to the next session.

6)  Play the Maximum number of Tables You Can

When you know your win rate and ROI, the higher number of tournaments you can play, increasing your chances of winning. Therefore, aim to multi-table without distracting yourself from making sound decisions. When new to multi-tabling, place the lowest stakes for tournaments down. The whole purpose of multi-tabling is to improve your playing skills without affecting your back roll negatively.


Online tournaments are a good way to spend time interacting with other players. You improve your playing skills by playing in more tournaments. Now that you are aware of some of the tips you can use in your future games, there is no doubt that you will get better in your next tournament game. Implementing these tips in your current tournament strategy will keep you ahead of your competitors and help you stay winning.



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