7 wrong ways to remove makeup

how to remove makeup It’s something that many women must learn. No more than a makeup method at all. It is undeniable that many young women lack makeup is like a lack of heart. Plus, some people spend more time putting on makeup than they do in the shower. But do not forget how meticulous when composing. When washing it off, you need to pay attention to it differently. because if we clean the wrong way May result in residue on the surface. causing skin problems

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This article will show you what are the wrong makeup removal mistakes so you can stop doing it!

1. Wash the lipstick last.

when washing makeup If you are the one who clears the bass and foundation on the face first I need to change the method urgently. Because the correct makeup removal should start with the lipstick on the lips first. So that the lipstick does not stain other parts of the face, and if good, should separate the cotton pads used to wipe the lipstick. with the foundation on the face apart To prevent the lipstick from staining other parts of the face.

2. Remove make-up on the eyelids with vigorous rubbing.

Wipe off makeup with vigorous rubbing. It does not mean that it will cause more makeup to come off from our face. especially in the area around the eyes. It is a forbidden area to use violence with crushing. Because the skin in this area is delicate, the harder you rub it, the more it can irritate your skin. The correct method is to pour Eye Remover onto a cotton pad and gently press down. around the eyes for 30 seconds and then remove This method will help the eyeliner and eye shadow come out well, and the mascara should not be washed with a swipe up. or push the eyelashes upwards But should use a cotton pad under the eyelashes. Then use your fingers to press the top of the eyelashes. Then gently swipe down and wipe it off.

3. Use only one cotton pad to remove makeup on the entire face.

A face full of base, foundation, concealer, powder foundation, of course, just one cotton pad is not enough. because it can be wiped all over the face. Our cotton wool is smeared with makeup. And the dirty cotton will take the dirt that we wipe out and then smear on the surface on other parts. Instead of cleaning thoroughly It turned out to be even more dirty than before.

4. Use only cleansing wipes

Some people choose to use a makeup remover by using a makeup remover or a Remover Wipe. Even this makeup wipe is easy to use, convenient, and fast and seems to completely wipe off the makeup on our face. But just using this sheet to wash your face is not enough. Because it just washes off some makeup on our faces only. for a deep clean You have to wash your face one more time or use the cleansing wipe to clean it again, it doesn’t matter.

5. Using Cleansing is not suitable for your skin type.

Each type of cleansing provides different cleaning performance. We should choose to suit our skin type. In general, Cleansing Oil will be able to remove makeup as thoroughly as possible. Even if it is an oil, it does not mean that People with oily skin can’t use it at all. because of allergic reactions or acne at times It might not be the oil itself. But it may depend on other ingredients.

6. Apply sunscreen and do not use Cleansing.

Don’t think that sunscreen is not a cosmetic. Or does not cause our pores to be clogged as foundation or powder, but how can we be sure that Just use a face wash. And will wash off the sunscreen completely. In fact, sunscreen is another thing that can clog pores as well, so in order to ensure cleanliness on your face, use Cleansing to wipe off the sunscreen first. Then followed by facial cleansing products again.

7. Just use Cleansing and you’re done.

It’s not that you wash your makeup with Cleansing, it’s the end of the skin cleansing process because using Cleansing Can only remove makeup. but other impurities Yes, it will be completely washed away. for complete cleanliness We should wash with facial cleanser one more time. On the other hand, we should not use cleansing products. Wash off both makeup and dirt in just one cycle. Because it may cause residue on our surface. The best way is to use Cleansing to clean makeup first. and use a face wash. Clean the dirt and excess oil on the face again. Which is the right way to wash your face will help your face to be clearer as well.

If cosmetics are another thing that is necessary in our lives. And we spend most of our time doing makeup to look prettier. Don’t forget to take extra time to wash off your makeup and face. Because this is another secret for beautiful and clear skin that should not be overlooked.

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