A Guide About Crypto Airdrop From KuCoin

There are more currencies in the crypto world than fiat currency. Since the start of bitcoin in 2009, the count of cryptocurrency is ever increasing. Many firms and companies have launched their currencies in crypto because it is relatively easy to create a cryptocurrency. No Cryptocurrency exchange platform can claim to provide access to all of the existing currencies in the world, but KuCoin offers access to more than 700 coins, and the users can invest in any coins they wish. KuCoin provides the latest BTC, ETH, USDC price, etc., with many trading pairs such as BTC/USDT, BTC/ETH, etc.

Airdrop is a technique for marketing new coins, and in this article, we will learn in detail about the airdrop and how you can earn from it in KuCoin. So let’s get started.

What Is Crypto Airdrop?

Many people would think about it wrong when they hear the word airdrop. It is not a crypto sharing feature but a marketing feature in which the firm or organization sends or awards the coins for no fees or in exchange for some service to promote awareness about the coin.

Usually, the company sends a relatively small amount to the receiver’s address in return for a tweet or post sharing. With this technique, the awareness about the coin spreads, and more people are attracted to the coin, which increases its worth over time.

How To Claim Price In Airdrop?

You can easily claim the airdrop if you fulfill certain parameters that the organization sets. To be eligible for the reward, you must have a definite amount of cryptos, usually in bitcoin or USDT. Some firms also send the price to users willing to promote their coins. The purpose of airdrop is to spread awareness so that it has value when the firm lists it on a crypto exchange platform as an initial coin offering.

Earn Airdrop Rewards From KuCoin

If you are using KuCoin, then there are many ways by which you can earn profits. One such way is the KuCoin airdrop feature. You can participate in the KuCoin airdrop reward scheme to earn the rewards.

KuCoin takes good care of its new users and offers exclusive rewards based on their performance to new customers. You can earn the Airdrop awards of random coins by completing several tasks. KuCoin offers Airdrop awards for simple tasks such as futures trading, crypto transfer, margin trading, etc.

Risk Of Airdrops

Although it may seem risk-free, there are also several risks associated with crypto airdrop. Originally, it aimed to provide awareness of the coins, but scammers can also use it for a price hike and can create artificial inflation in the price. Some scammers also provide free coins to increase the value of pre-mined coins so that they can sell them at higher prices, but when you are trading on KuCoin, you eliminate most scams and fraud, and the platform ensures complete security.


Crypto airdrop is a marketing strategy in which the firms send the coins to users to spread awareness. KuCoin is the best platform for crypto airdrops as it offers different price schemes to new users to earn rewards by completing different simple tasks.



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