All you need to know about the tree removal process

The gorgeous trees outside your window add considerable value to your property. A tree can either be a liability or an asset. When a professional uncovers a potential issue- a disease or damage beyond repair- removal of a tree or tree cutting is required. If you want a tree to be removed, hiring a reliable tree removal service is essential, as tree removals are complicated, and mistakes are costly. Here are four things you should know about tree removal: 

Tree removal is not just cutting down the tree 

Tree cutting means cutting the entire top of a tree and removing a tree means removing the whole tree, including the roots and trunk. Tree removal involves the following steps: 

Assessment: The professional will begin the removal process by assessing the tree and its surrounding environment. This enables them to make sure that the tree can be removed safely.  

 Planning: The tree removal company prepares a plan. Planning includes how the equipment will be set up, which method of tree removal will be used, and where the tree will be taken once the tree removal process is completed. The tree removal service ensures your safety as well as the safety of your property. They also remove cars or other property to create enough space for the tree to fall flat on the ground without damaging anything. 

Equipment: Selecting the right equipment for completing the project is essential. Depending upon the tree’s size, professionals may need to scale the tree and use equipment accordingly. The equipment includes a bucket truck, chainsaw, crane, and stump grinder.   

Safety: The top priority of the tree removal company should be your safety. Due to the dangerous nature of the work, it is crucial to hire a tree removal company with insurance. Especially they must have workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. 

Workers’ compensation will cover their medical bills if a worker gets injured while working on your project. But if they don’t have insurance and get hurt on your property, the worker or company may potentially sue you. 

Of course, nobody wants accidents to happen. But anything is possible, and it’s always better to be prepared. 

Tree removal is a dangerous task 

For the inexperienced, tree removal may seem like a simple task- all one has to do is cut down the tree and remove it. However, various potential dangers are involved in the process of tree removal. For example, if a tree comes in contact with power lines, it can cause serious damage. Even the small branches may weigh hundreds of kilograms, and if they fall on somebody, it may lead to severe injuries or even death of the person. Tree removal can be unpredictable. If a tree is not cut correctly, it may fall on nearby homes and cause damage. 

Getting rid of big trees requires a lot of effort and time if you do it yourself. It is easy to get frustrated when trying to remove a tree yourself. So, if you are planning tree removal Toronto, you should hire an arborist. ISA Certified arborists are committed to you and the health of your trees. They have the right knowledge and skills and apply their advanced knowledge and skills to do the job. Further, they are better trained than the average homeowner in dealing with dangers, thus reducing the chances of injuries and accidents. 



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