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When you want to get a website builder that is cloud-based, offers you design services, and includes web hosting as well, then look no further than Wix! The easy, customer-friendly drag-drop tools, along with 450+ templates, are offered by this site builder to achieve your dream website without possessing any specialist skills. 

It accelerates the web development process and offers you the creative freedom to build your dream website. Wix can help your business, regardless of its size and revenue! 

Additionally, with more than 200 million registered users worldwide and more than 15 languages supported, Wix is one of the most preferred website-building tools. With proper Wix website development, a merchant has the privilege to sell products, build a personalised website without any professional help, and take your enterprise to an advanced level.  

Here, we will familiarise you with the basic knowledge of Wix. 

How Much Does Wix Costs? 

Wix’s three business plans include Basic, Unlimited, and VIP, with monthly prices of $23, $27, and $49 per month, respectively. The costlier your plan, the more benefits you will get. 

How’s the Wix’s Merchant Experience? 

The famed drag-and-drop feature of Wix enables merchants to maintain all of their content assets and items on its frontend dashboard. Additionally, the pre-designed templates can allow merchants to design specific websites with unlimited customisation options from storefronts to touchpoint and checkout icons and emblems. You can also get myob shopify integration to enhance the merchant experience. 

Additionally, if your business needs a set of accounting tools to help you deal with the financial side of your business, MYOB can help you. MYOB is one of the best tools to manage the financial aspect and offer you high-quality accounting and business software. 

Why Go For Wix? 

E-commerce Embodiments 

This website builder’s aesthetically pleasing templates are one of the prime reasons behind its unmatched popularity, as it can satisfy most of the user requirements. Due to these digital prototypes, retailers can display their products in a pleasing way and catch potential customers’ attention. 

With more than 400+ templates present in stock, Wix is one of the best website builders. Working with Wix’s blank template can open you to endless possibilities when you intend to build a website from scratch. 

Additionally, these domain-specific, trending and innovative templates will surely entice you as a business owner to use Wix for website design. Not only that, but you can also give them your personal touch and invent something unique and award-winning ideas for your site. 

The mobile competency of these templates makes them a sure hit among users, with the dedicated mobile editor option being the cherry on top. With this feature, mobile users who surf the web for services can visit your website and acquire your services or products. 

Wix EditorX

Nowadays, countless devices are used to surf the internet. Now, each of these devices has a different resolution, which is an unrealistic task for developers to design various versions according to the device’s resolution. 

This is where Wix’s editor, EditorX, will come in handy as it can design a responsive eCommerce website through Wix that automatically adjusts to the resolutions of various devices. 

The latest innovations that Wix’s editor uses are fluid sizing, flexible layouts, grids, and breakpoint customisations. Due to that, the designed website is created in the same way as you pictured, regardless of the devices’ resolutions.

With loads of customisation options available at your helm, you can create your website as you desire with the help of this designing tool. Additionally, you have the ability to modify or reposition elements dynamically. 

Automatic Tax System 

The designing tool is partnered with Avalara, a third-party software designed to make taxing operations automatic. But the catch here is that you can only use Avalara if you have purchased either the VIP Premium plan or the Business Unlimited plan of Wix. 

This software makes introduces automation at the micro level as it real-time tax rates. This greatly benefits merchants as the tax will be collected based on the latest tax rules, eliminating the need to calculate taxes manually. 

Wix Payment Options and Configurations

It is mandatory for merchants to upgrade to Wix’s premium plan before accepting any payments over his website. If not upgraded, then the merchant will not be able to accept payments. 

Hence, consider payment acceptance before deciding on your website’s final layout. Now, if you have decided that you are going to accept payments, then visit the accept payment tab. You can find this tab on Wix’s dashboard. 

Wix’s algorithm will connect you to the widely accepted providers within your region. Wix’s own payment provider, Wix Payments, can also be used for accepting payments. Plus, choosing Square or Stripe, some of the most common third-party payment providers, can enable merchants to accept payments through cards. 

Apart from this, MYOB accountright integration with Magento can also help you manage your financial side of the business. Along with a good website, you will also need to hire an SEO agency that can help you rank on Google. 

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