Calculating the cost of building a custom garage in Calgary

The price to construct a custom garage includes several variables and components. Apart from the fact that every garage builder has their strategy of building one to cover the cost, it is essential to get a quote for completing a custom garage from a garage builder in Calgary:

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Permits and city by-laws

The step has many sub-steps, like comparing the wants against the requirements and rules of the city. Consult a city by-law officer to know how to put the plan together in categories of what’s allowed on your customized garage, depending on its size and coverage limits. Often the garage builder takes care of this expense in a sum ranging from $500 to 1000. However, you can do it on your own, also. After the step is complete, you can apply for the permit, which takes around $600 for a building and electronics, depending on the garage size.

Alberta one-call

This is free if you want to grade your place because the last thing you want is hit by a gas line, electricity line, or cable. You may end up spending a lot on repair.

Site preparation

This process includes several sub-parts, such as removing the existing fence, soil digging the grade, and adding gravel and tampering it. According to the condition of your grade, the step can take around $600 to $3500.


This is essential as your foundation will hold cars and the building. According to the size, the reinforcement and concrete work are involved. It includes bringing the gravel, tampering, concrete pouring, curb walls, and finishing, which can be costly. The average expense of subcontracting a foundation ranges from $10 to $15 per sq/ft. depending on the customizations you choose.


It is about putting the walls together, with the heading, rafters, sheathing, trusses, and more. The part includes an aggregate expense of $2500 to $3500, depending on the garage size and requirement.


Roofing is an enjoyable process till you watch someone else do it. Hire a roofing contractor for it, and you will spend $2000.

Doors and windows

A triple pane window and a man door will cost you $800 with installation


Vinyl siding is an economical option and will cost around $3000. It includes flashing, under-seal, and drop caps too.


Of course, you need power for your garage, so a normal 30-amp subpanel with lights and plugs is required. It will cost you around $2500.

Garage door and door opener

A solid garage door with a door opener is tagged at $1500 with installation.


There will be places that will need additional soil to be brought into the gaped spaces. It will cost you around $600, along with delivery and dispersal.


This part is not essential if you think your garage is perfectly built.

Lastly, you must check that everything is well-installed with proper quality control. Management is critical when it comes to building a garage. Hire a reliable and experienced garage builder who can give you the best service at the best price.



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