Causes of basement leaks and water seepage

Water seepage is a common problem linked with basements. It can cause several issues which can eventually harm your foundation and work as a breeding platform for mold and mildew, burning a hole in your pocket. But what are the causes of basement leaks and water seepage? First, let us know about it.

Major culprits of water seepage

One of the significant causes of basement water seepage is a window well. They bring unwanted water into the basement. Windows should be free from cracks and efficiently sealed. If your window well doesn’t have good drainage or your drain system is clogged, it can cause water accumulation in the well. Even with a window free from defects, pooled water will eventually seep into unwanted areas if the water doesn’t have a way to go.

An uncommon source of basement leaks is the water in the soil surrounding your home. In case of heavy rain, excess water saturates the soil. This saturation leads to expansion, which causes havoc on the basement foundation. If the expansion is excessive, it can cause cracks, eventually making way for the basement water.

Another reason for seepage is cracks in your foundation. The cracks are a common way for water leakage. Water in the soil around your home can force its way inside the basement through the walls and come up through floor cracks. The hydrostatic pressure is created when water is collected in the flooring. As it has no place to go, the pressure consistently makes the water enter the cracks, reaching your basement. In this situation, a sump pump can work great. In this method, a hole known as a sump pit is created, and once the water is full in the pit, the electric pump evacuates it and drains the water outside. Water can also enter through wall cracks. With time your concrete wall expands and contracts because of uncontrolled variables.

Basement crack repair works as a temporary solution. A repaired crack will continue to water seepage in your basement. You can use an external waterproofing method to seal the crack and avoid collecting water near your home. Ensure to fix the leak on the inside and outside.

Untreated leaks

If the water leaks are left untreated, your basement may be a breeding ground for mold. It compromises the integrity of your foundation. It can ruin your belongings and make the basement air humid and moist. It further leads to deteriorating the health of your home because of mold growth and harming the health of your people because of mold damage.

Prevent your basement from getting ruined

While these are some reasons that lead to water seepage and leaks, you can use expert water damage remediation to prevent it. From plumbing issues to leaky foundations, basement waterproofing Toronto methods can be helped to treat any water damage your home is suffering from. So hire professionals to perform the task for you and keep your basement in top shape.