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Throughout the year, VentureBeat hosts a variety of events. This includes MetaBeat, the GamesBeat Summit, and the Future of Work Summit. These events provide an opportunity for you to learn from some of the most influential people in the world.

Future of Work Summit

VB Events is a leader in workplace technology. Their event series, Future of Work, brings together business leaders and experts from around the world. The organization’s mission is to advance the understanding of how technology can impact the workplace. These events bring together senior executives, technology experts, and HR professionals. The Future of Work series will include an in-person conference, as well as on-demand content and virtual presentations.

VentureBeat Events Future of Work Summit is scheduled for January 12. This virtual event will provide attendees with a platform for discussing new ways of working. The conference will explore workplace culture, mobility, and technology. It will also feature live and on-demand presentations and networking opportunities.

The event will be held at Saggart, County Dublin. The conference will review critical themes for senior executives, including business transformation, change management, and digital workplaces. It will offer an exclusive opportunity for business leaders to discuss these topics.

The series is designed to address the key challenges facing enterprises. These challenges include the need to evolve HR, security, and communication. The Transform Technology Summit will explore the use of various tactics, technologies, and strategies to address these challenges.

GamesBeat Summit: Into The Metaverse

During GamesBeat Summit: Into The Metaverse, an influential group of thought leaders will explore the future of the gaming industry. They will cover the newest global trends and the latest technologies in the space.

The conference will be held on April 26 to 28 in Los Angeles, CA. More than 800 participants will be in attendance to learn about the latest technology and trends. They will also discuss the future of the metaverse, which is an area that is rapidly growing.

The metaverse is an artificial world where avatars can migrate between different virtual worlds. These environments can be interoperable, and rewards can be used across metaphors in real life.

Several leading thought leaders will discuss the technological and social factors that will drive innovation in the metaverse. They will also cover the most significant changes to the industry, including the impact of metaverse development on game culture.

There are many reasons why brands are looking to jump into the metaverse. There is press coverage, other brands are experimenting, and the metaverse is a hot topic. These reasons all point to a strong opportunity for brands.


During MetaBeat, the first virtual event of its kind in the Metaverse, attendees will experience more than the typical online meetup. The event will be held September 29 at the VB Event Center in San Francisco. This three-day event will feature 50 speakers, 30 panels, a virtual demo hall and a rooftop drinks reception. It’s a great opportunity for attendees to schmooze with leading edge companies such as Walmart, Roblox, Solsten and Nvidia.

The virtual event isn’t the only event taking place in the’real’ world. Several businesses are working on a metaverse of their own, including the World Economic Forum, a group whose founder, Mortiz Baier-Lentz, is a pioneer in the field.

VentureBeat and TerraZero have announced their joint venture to build the best and most innovative metaverse event space the web has to offer. Their partnership will allow the two firms to hone their respective technologies into the gold standard, as it were. During the event, attendees will be able to participate in virtual activities such as scavenger hunts, immersive 360-degree content and a virtual mixologist class.

Careers at VentureBeat

VB is one of the largest technology media companies in the world and is seeking a leader to head up content for the company’s AI events. This person will oversee speaker recruitment and content planning. The position reports to the CEO of VentureBeat and will be responsible for liaising with internal VB stakeholders, and helping to determine overarching themes for VB events. The job requires a deep understanding of content planning and editorial deadlines as well as strong writing and analytical skills.


This is an opportunity for a technology journalist to develop a personal brand and grow his or her career. This position is ideal for someone who is interested in the impact of technology on business and is comfortable with video interviews. In addition, this position will require candidates to have experience covering enterprise infrastructure and major tech giants. The ideal candidate will also have a keen eye for detail, and a passion for VB’s mission and vision.