Custom Labeling: Tips to make sure your retail packaging reflects your brand






As a small business owner, you know that branding is key. Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition, and it’s what customers remember when they’re looking for a product or service. One of the most important aspects of branding is your packaging. And what better way to take your branding to the next level than custom labels? Here are 5 tips to make sure your labels are on-brand:

1. Use the same fonts, colors, and design elements throughout your packaging

When it comes to branding, your packaging is the first thing potential customers will see. And if it doesn’t match your branding and messaging, they might not bother taking a closer look. So make sure your custom labels reflect your brand perfectly by using the same fonts, colors, and design elements throughout your packaging. By keeping your labeling consistent with your branding, you’ll create a strong visual identity that customers will remember.

2. Make sure your logo is prominently displayed and looks professional

Your logo is one of the most important elements of your brand, so make sure it’s prominently displayed on your labels. Use a high-quality version of your logo that looks professional and can be scaled depending on the size of your labels. A well-designed logo label will help create a strong first impression and can make your labels stand out.

3. Use elements that reflect your brand’s values and mission

Your custom labels should be more than just a reflection of your branding – they should also reflect your brand’s values and mission. Choose design elements and wording that accurately represent what your brand stands for. Also select your material based on this: paper labels are ideal for eco-conscious brands, whereas holographic labels generate the air of luxury around your product. This will help create a strong connection with customers.

4. Avoid using generic designs

There’s nothing worse than seeing a generic-looking label on a product. It immediately makes the product feel less valuable and can turn customers away. So, when designing your labels, avoid using generic designs. Even if you have no design expertise, you can create something unique that reflects your brand’s personality. Simply use and edit pre-made templates and elements offered by free online designers such as Graphic or Canva.

5. Ensure your labels are high quality

Finally, make sure your labels are printed on high-quality materials. Cheap-looking labels can make your products look low-quality – and that is not what we want. Instead, make use of the associations thick, laminated label materials awaken in customers and consumers. Not only will those labels last longer, they can also elevate the look of your entire product range.

Custom sticker labels are an important part of effective branding, and by following these tips, you can be sure that your labels will reflect your brand perfectly. Use these tips to create high-quality labels that look professional and accurately represent your brand’s values and mission. Do you have even more tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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