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  1. Fishing War For a game like Fishing War, it is a game that has been developed. Coming up from a provider like Spade Gaming, this game will be a game that comes in a theme that will go out to China a bit. whether the sound effect Or various voices will have emotions when the player is watching Chinese movies. In this game There will be a variety of fish. which will have both only paying fish Anti-fish with effect when the player Can catch those fish, which is a special fish that will have various effects. to make other fish get caught by more players
  2. Fishing GOD As for the direct web fish shooting game Fishing GOD, it is still a game. That is in the theme of China as well because the game will have a dragon that is the highest paying yards. This game itself is another game that has been developed from. leading service provider In the area of ​​fish shooting games such as Spade Gaming camp, which this game itself will be similar With a game like Fishing War, which will have fish species. more diverse

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