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No Limit is a movie based on a true story. It follows two freedivers Hassarati, Pascal and Roxana. The film has been made available on Netflix in the United States. Though it is not rated, it is a good idea to check it out with your children, as it contains some sexual content.

No Limit is a dark drama that explores relationships that are toxic and abusive. It is also about the power of co-dependence. The movie is a case study of unhealthy competition in a dangerous sport, as well as misguided love.

The film focuses on the relationship between Roxana and Pascal. Roxana is a college student who has a love of diving. After her father’s death, she decides to pursue the hobby. When she meets the world’s best freediver, Pascal, she becomes enthralled by the daring of their affair. However, as they get older, their relationship begins to devolve.

The movie combines underwater imagery and a number of erotic scenes. These scenes are meant to increase the intensity of the overall experience. This includes simulated sex, such as thrusting, choking and grunting. Ultimately, the movie is a fascinating study of the power dynamics in an asymmetrical relationship.

Despite its dark themes, the movie is surprisingly entertaining. For one thing, the film is beautifully shot, both underwater and on land. In addition, the film is based on the life of Audrey Mestre, a French freediver who was a world record holder. Her death is similar to that of Roxana.

During the film’s production, the cast and crew spent time in La Ciotat, a small territorial division in the Bouches-du-Rhone department of France. There, they also filmed scenes in Brussels and Guadeloupe.

In addition, the film’s plot line is highly engaging. Roxana and Pascal fall in love, but their relationship turns sour due to their competing priorities. Eventually, Roxana ends up leaving her lover. Even so, her character never gets the chance to fully develop.

Among the film’s other notable achievements is its depiction of the power of the bathroom. While there is a brief sex scene, the actual sex is simulated. Unlike real sex, the simulated sex appears to increase the arousal level of the woman, and the man is a little more attentive to her.

Another impressive feature of the movie is its direction. As opposed to many other films that tend to fall apart in the last few minutes, No Limit maintains tension throughout. By alternating between the above and below the water, the film’s makers have captured a number of evocative images, including the crystal clear bubbles of oxygen that rise to the surface.

Overall, No Limit is a good watch for fans of the underwater genre, or anyone who has an interest in the dark side of co-dependence. With vibrant visuals, the movie offers a glimpse into a dark place that isn’t often seen.

While the ostensible “torch” of the movie is Roxana’s and Pascal’s relationship, the real “torch” is the power of the bathroom.