How Much Do Home Depot Rental Trucks Cost?

Do you need to move large items? Home Depot Rentals has pickup trucks available for rent. Home Depot offers F250 and T250 models with ten feet of flat bed space. Both rental trucks are priced at $19 for up to 75 minutes, and $5 per fifteen minutes after that. In addition to their flatbed trucks, Home Depot also rents dolly vehicles. For more information on how much Home Depot rental trucks cost, check out their website.

To make a reservation, call the store ahead of time. Home Depot rental trucks are available to customers at every location. However, you will have to show proof of insurance at the time of reservation. It is recommended that you reserve a truck at least two days ahead of time, so you can ensure that you will be able to pick it up at your convenience. However, if you are moving to another state or city, you may be able to rent a truck from another location for less than the cost of a Home Depot rental.

The cost of a truck rental from Home Depot is different depending on the size and type of truck you need. Pickup trucks and cargo vans are cheaper than box trucks. Pickup trucks are ideal for hauling wide items, odd shaped furniture, and packed boxes. Lastly, cargo vans and box trucks are more expensive than pickup trucks, so you might want to check the rate before you rent one. You’ll also need to make sure the vehicle is clean and in good condition.




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