How to Increase Foot Traffic in a Retail Store?

What is Foot Traffic?

In retail, the average number of consumers walking into your establishment is known as foot traffic. Using retail monitoring software, customer footfall can be tracked. f95zoneusa

How to Increase Foot Traffic in a Retail Store?

You may increase foot traffic to your retail store by using specific strategies. Among them are:

1. Offer an in-store only promotion 

Retail stores can attract more customers by having in-store sales and discounts. Advertise a deal that is only redeemable in-store across all of your digital platforms and in-store.

2. Attractive discounts and offers

You can offer customers with multiple payment options like Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options or ZERO COST EMI using credit cards and debit cards. These payment solutions are also known to boost foot traffic.

3. Collaborative Commerce

To broaden your audience and draw more consumers into your store, you could consider powering your business with the right purchase tools. The collaborative commerce platform designed by Innoviti Technologies allows companies, brands and banks to thrive in the same space and reap individual and mutual benefits..

4. Payment Solution

Clients who are worried about the safety of their shipments and payment if they’re not present while they are dispatched will find this service to be of great assistance. By employing automated bookkeeping, one can easily track the various payment solutions utilized at a POS and thus calculate the overall profits of the store.


1. Will footfall increase my sales?

Increasing customer traffic will ensure greater sales for your company. Understanding how vital foot traffic is to a thriving company is essential in the present environment.  f95zone

2. What is considered a good traffic count for retail stores?

It is suggested that a good location for a store is practically adjacent to roads with anywhere between 5000 to 15000 vehicles everyday. f95forum


In conclusion, increasing foot traffic is a key factor in the success of small businesses, and doing so can help them dramatically improve revenue. Innoviti is a SaaS company thatassists businesses in converting payment methods into appealing purchasing tools that are supplied directly at the retail point of sale. Through Its collaborative commerce platform, it helps small merchants gain access to larger consumer bases. The platform



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