How To Pick The Right Stickers For Your Kid

Stickers are a fun way to show your love for someone or even just have some fun with a common phrase. Sometimes though, you have to be careful about which sticker you choose because each is meant for specific purposes. You should know that these stickers can play an important role in communicating with your child, especially when they’re older and more capable of rational thought and speech.

If you want to get a hold of the best stickers for your kid, then you should be able to know how to select the right ones. Here are some suggestions:

Choose Your Kind

Depending on the sticker you want, the messages may vary; but in general, there are two common ways that people use stickers: as a reward and as an encouragement. Just like how kids want candy when we reward them, they’d crave more stickers if it means that they can wear them proudly. On the other hand, a sticker can serve as an encouragement to let kids know that what they’re doing is good – much like how we praise them using words.

If you’re looking to reward your child, then you can opt for the “Good Job” stickers. When given to a kid, it’s a way to tell them that they have done something right and that they deserve a reward. However, some parents would rather use the “Well Done” stickers. This one is also meant to be used as a reward, but it is mostly used as an encouragement; because of this, many parents use them, especially when it comes to educational books and materials. You can try custom kiss cut stickers from Vograce. Vograce offers custom kiss cut stickers at low cost with high quality.

Decide Which Type You Want

There are different types of stickers, like the ones that are made of paper or plastic – and each has its own purpose.

For plastic stickers, the most common one is the sticker that can be found on food packages. However, you can also get a hold of plastic stickers that are used as rewards and encouragement. You can make custom stickers of your own to use as a reward or an encouragement for your kid.

If you want to teach your kid something, then you may want to opt for paper stickers because they are often educational. This type of sticker is mostly seen in books and lesson plans, where they can be stuck on the pages to remind students to do their tasks. The best thing about paper stickers is that they’re reusable, so when your child grows out of the material, you can use the same sticker again with another book or plan.

Thousands of stickers are available in the market today. If you want to know how to choose the best ones for your kids, then be ready to check out different types of stickers and see which one fits your needs best.

The Right Stickers For Your Kid

There are a million options for stickers. Getting the right pack for your kids can be confusing and overwhelming. We wanted to take the guesswork out of choosing the right sticker pack for your kids. Here’s how to pick the best stickers for your kid:

1) Know The Reason Why They Want To Get A Sticker Pack: If you’re getting a sticker pack, what do you want it to do? Are they going to use them at school? At home? Where will they use them? Understanding what you plan on using the stickers for is important in making an informed decision.

2) Evaluate The Needs Of Your Child: What do they need to be successful? Do the stickers you want to get help them reach those goals? For example, if your child is learning to read at home, a phonics sticker book may be a good choice. Sticker books that reinforce the alphabet or encourage letters can also be used for beginning readers.

3) What’s The Personality of Your Child? Is your child more confident or creative? Are they types who like clean and simple, or are they kids who like stickers with a lot of detail and design? Maybe your child has their own taste for the things that surround them. Whatever it may be, make sure to get the right sticker set for their personality.

4) Is It Tricky To Keep Up With Stickers? Do your kids have a hard time sticking stickers on themselves? If that’s the case, then maybe they don’t need stickers. On the other hand, if there are ways to help your child stick stickers correctly and easily – then maybe they do need the pack.

5) How Many Are There In The Pack? This is really important when picking out a pack of stickers. There are packs that have a single sheet of stickers, but there are many sticker sets that include over one hundred stickers. Although the average sticker pack may only have around twenty or so stickers – you don’t want a sticker pack that has too many and no room for storage space.

6) Is It Reusable? The best way to use stickers is to reuse them. If they’re stuck on something or in something, then they can be used again and again. You can also use them on other things like books and materials.


Stickers can be a particularly fun way to make your kid happy, but if you don’t choose the right ones, then you could end up with a painful sticker incident. Remember that it’s difficult to judge what is right or wrong. That’s why it’s important to do your research first before picking out the stickers for your kid.



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