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Whether you are interested in film, literature, music, or any other aspect of culture, the Indiana University East Campus library has a “go-to” resource for it. In addition, you can use this resource to explore the world of Creative Commons USA.

Creative Commons USA

Located at American University Washington College of Law, Creative Commons USA works on copyright issues that are particularly relevant to the United States. It is part of the CC Global Network, which includes volunteers in 85 countries.

Creative Commons was founded in the late 1990s, as the internet grew and more and more material was being shared. The organization is now a nonprofit corporation that provides licenses to the public for free. These licenses give creators the freedom to do things like share, reuse, and remix their work without getting permission from other people or paying licensing fees.

There are six core copyright licenses offered by Creative Commons, which are the Creative Commons license, the CC license, the CC+ license, the CC public domain license, the CC creative reuse license, and the CC open educational resources license. Each one is designed to help people share their work in ways that are simple and accessible.

Dan Colman

Firstly, the name of Open Culture deserves a mention. This organisation is certainly a winner in the name of novelty department. Not only has the website garnered a sizable number of online learners, they also have the dubious honour of hosting the fanciest mascot ever. Secondly, the open Culture website is a veritable cornucopia of educational resources. The website is a curated collection of online courses, books, and educational videos. The website also boasts an encyclopedia-style resource library with over 6,000 titles, spanning subjects from astronomy to astrophysics. Lastly, the organisation has a team of experts on hand to provide expert advice to those looking for a chinwag. The organisation also has a dedicated forum for users to share ideas and tips. In short, Open Culture is an online educational institution that offers something for everyone.

Media of all kinds

Various types of media are used to study microorganisms and pathogens in the lab. Some are solid while others are liquid. These can be classified on the basis of their consistency, nutrient content and a range of other characteristics. The main advantage of solid media is their ability to grow bacteria in their entirety, while liquid media are more conducive to fermentation studies.

Simple media are commonly used in laboratories to isolate microorganisms. They can be used for the most basic purposes, such as subculturing and culturing, or for more complicated processes, such as identifying the origin of a specific pathogen. Generally, simple media are used to amplify the growth of non-fastidious microorganisms.

The most significant function of a culture medium is to supply the nutrients and organic compounds needed for cellular reproduction. Bacteria can use inorganic nitrogen sources, such as nitrates, or organic carbon sources, such as glucose or ethanol.

Movies pertaining to culture and education

Among the thousands of movies that have been produced over the last century, a few stand out as a worthy addition to the pantheon of cinematic experiences. Some of these aforementioned films have influenced the cultural landscape for good and ill. These movies are best viewed with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism. In fact, the Library of Congress, which owns these films, actually reviewed hundreds of titles for inclusion in its collection. It also consulted a select group of notable members of the National Film Preservation Board.

To this end, the Library of Congress has launched an initiative called the Great Movies of America. This program is aimed at preserving, promoting and promoting the arts of American filmmaking while simultaneously enhancing the educational and cultural experiences of America’s youth.

IU East Campus library’s “go to” source for cultural content

IU Southeast’s library offers a diverse array of cultural content that includes literary works, books, videos and streaming media. The library also offers a variety of subscription resources. However, the library staff is always on the lookout for interesting open access sources.

The library offers access to literary works through the Library of Congress. This resource provides full-text searching for millions of pages of primary sources dating back to 1450. These resources include scholarly articles, books, speeches, memoirs, diaries, and other primary documents. Some of these documents are also available as digital facsimile images. It also provides access to secondary materials such as biographies and images.


The library also provides access to the Modern Language Index, a database that includes literature from all over the world. The database includes scholarly articles, books, dissertations, and poetry. It also includes language materials such as semantics, syntax, and historical and literary theory.



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