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In order to make profits in sports betting and when playing online casino games, implementing the right staking strategy is essential. In fact, it is just as important finding the best odds. There are numerous progressive staking systems including the Labouchere system. These state that they will help you to achieve wealth, however, you may be wondering whether they are worthy of following.

The answer is that the Labouchere staking system is a progressive method that works in accordance to how a bettor continues to bet after reaching a particular amount. This form of play is typically used in online casino games like roulette. However, the Labouchere staking method can also be used in sports betting.

The Labouchere Method & Sports Betting

Labouchere can be used in sports betting. The steps that are required to apply this method to sports betting include the following:

1) Firstly, you will need to decide how much money you are aiming to win. For the sake of this article, let’s say you aim to win $100.

2) Then you should determine how you will split this money. Try to split it over five values, increasing these by ten dollars at a time.

3) Try to place bets that would win the sum of the initial and last number.

4) If you happen to win, tick off these numbers. Otherwise, you can add the same amount as the stake that has just been made in order to win this back.  

5) Repeat the previous two steps until you have won the amount you are aiming to win. 

The aim of this strategy is that you will be able to tick two items off on the list whenever you win, however, you are only adding one. Thus, you are ticking off your list at a faster pace than you are adding to it. 

Does Labouchere Staking Work?

This system has been designed for casino games like roulette. Thus, if you were to play online casino games like roulette with an infinite budget for an infinite period of time and without the house having an edge, it would definitely work. While it may help you to win at casino games, whether you win or not is definitely down to your luck.

Despite luck being a key factor, it is still a highly engaging strategy and fun to play with, especially if you are playing casual games of blackjack or baccarat with money that you can afford to bet. It is also a good strategic alternative to placing random bets and it keeps your focus on the game.

In regard to sports betting, serious bettors should place their focus on finding value bets as opposed to implementing this strategy. However, this strategy can be used alongside value bets to enhance your chance of winning. While it is not a valid strategy in and of itself, if you choose to use it, you should ensure that you are only betting a small fraction of your total bankroll and this involves choosing smaller units.

Does The Reverse Labouchere Betting System Work?

The reverse Labouchere betting system was originally designed for games that have 50/50 odds like baccarat or blackjack. It could help you to win back money on winning streaks if you have lost money on losing streaks.

It is also a fun strategy to implement when playing casino games, although it does not offer guarantees of winning. This is because using this technique helps you to limit your overall losses as any losses end the sequence accordingly.

In regard to sports betting, both the reverse Labouchere and the Labouchere are sane systems to implement so long as you choose the right numbers, you will be able to gradually increase or decrease your bet size. This slower form of progression avoids the frantic nature of doubling up your bets like in the Martingale system. It also avoids exponential growth like in the Fibonacci system.

There are two things that you will need to carefully consider if you choose to use this method for strategic sports betting:

  1. Ensure that you choose a sequence that lets you bet 2% of your bankroll per bet. You should research into bankroll management for further details on why this is needed. 
  2. You should ensure that you are selecting bets that have been well-researched prior to using this technique for sports bets.

Arguably, using the reverse Labouchere system makes more sense in regard to sports betting. This is because slowly increasing your bets on winning streaks would make more sense in this instance. Using this method also prevents you from placing bets if your losing streak is too vast. Thus, if you lose too much money, you will be forced to reassess your betting strategy. Conversely, having a consistent winning streak is a clear indication that you are making the correct choices.


To conclude, this article has outlined the Labouchere staking system and when it is best to implement this system into your style of play. This system is more suited towards online casino games than sports betting. However, it can be used in the latter also. I hope that you have found this article to be informative. Thank you for reading. 

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