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ufabetSports betting has become very popular in Europe, and the internet has made it easier than ever to place a bet. This has several benefits, and European sports bettors are fortunate to have access to some of the best sports betting sites around. Most sites welcome bettors from this region, and offer a great selection of sports betting markets.


Sports betting is a growing industry in Europe. While there is no single piece of legislation governing the sector, many European countries have their own national laws that regulate sports betting. These laws can differ widely between countries. In some countries, sports betting is illegal while in others it is permitted. The best way to determine whether or not a sports betting site is legal in your country is to look up the local regulations.

The Netherlands allows sports betting, but it is only available on government-approved sites. While land-based betting has been legal in the country for many years, online sports betting only began in 2019. In 2016, a petition for online sports betting was submitted to the country’s legislators, but it took almost three years for lawmakers to reach an agreement. Since then, only one local casino operator has launched an online sportsbook in the country.


Many European countries have laws in place that regulate the taxation of sports betting sites. Italy has the second-largest online gambling market after the UK and charges a relatively low 22% tax on online gambling companies. Sweden is also an important player and follows a licensing system that charges an affordable 18% tax. In the Czech Republic, taxes vary depending on the type of gambling. Slot machines are taxed at a lower rate than sports betting, which requires the sportsbook operator to pay 35% tax on its gambling income.

EGBA supports the ongoing discussions regarding online gambling regulation in Poland, and supports the change of tax bases on sports betting sites. Poland’s current turnover tax is punitively high and does not encourage the development of a viable online gambling market. EGBA believes that the introduction of a sensible GGR-based tax would encourage Polish players to play at regulated websites and encourage more European betting companies to seek licenses for online sports betting in Poland.

Juice rate

Juice rates for sports betting in Europe vary from site to site, but most online sportsbooks charge similar amounts on live point spread wagers. These small differences can affect your profitability over the long run. We found that juice rates varied between pre-game moneyline wagers and live bets. The average amount for both types of wagers was 4.21%.

To find out how to judge the juice rate at a sports betting site, start by checking its payouts. A site with low juice rate will make you feel more comfortable when placing bets. The payouts should be quick, and the user experience must be first-class. It should also have a top mobile platform.

Offshore sportsbooks

Offshore sportsbooks aren’t just a threat to your privacy. In fact, they can also pose a significant threat to your pocketbook. The DOJ has taken steps to prosecute offshore operators, including seizing their websites and blocking them from accessing their software. The agency has even seized the domain names of targeted sites, which prevents customers from accessing the website. In addition, if your domain name is taken, it can disrupt your business.

Another drawback of offshore sportsbooks is that they’re not legal. Offshore sportsbooks aren’t subject to state taxes and aren’t required to pay fees to sports leagues. Because of this, some customers may migrate to legal state sportsbooks. Others will continue to use their offshore accounts as backups. And in the meantime, lawmakers continue to push for legalizing sports betting. Once this happens, millions of potential customers will sign up for legal U.S. sportsbook accounts.


While most European countries have strict rules and regulations for sports betting sites, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man are exceptions to this rule. Both jurisdictions offer sportsbooks with licenses that are recognized by the European Union. The Isle of Man also boasts favorable tax rates, making it a desirable jurisdiction for sportsbooks. Malta is another highly regulated jurisdiction for online sportsbooks. The island is home to several sportsbooks, including Paddy Power and Betway.


Malta is a popular location for sports betting websites in Europe, with low corporate taxes and easy access to European markets. Malta also offers high-quality bandwidth at reasonable rates, and the government offers rebates to sportsbooks.

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