Styles and characteristics used in the work of each type of grinding wheel.

Whenever you forget to bring a grinding machine, you will have a headache. There are many sizes to choose from, both small and large, depending on the specialty or work style. Basic but indispensable tools Easy to find, any store sells them. The machine today has evolved from the past. that the machine resembles a pig But the size is not too big and not too small. So it’s called “pig” as time passes. The size of the machine is therefore smaller, easy to grip, easy to carry.

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Grinding machines will work together with the “cutting blades”. The cutting blades are divided into several types. of each work piece, such as steel cutting, tile cutting, wood cutting, and not just one type of cutting There is also a grinding wheel use to grind off the excess or the part that needs to be decorated And the rust that clings to the steel can be grinded off smoothly and repainted into a beautiful work and can be brought back to use immediately. Grinding discs for glass work are also available mytoptweets. Remove the edge of the glass to fit into the corner with the work of the aluminum shop. What are the main types of cutting discs used? Follow the big mechanic to see it.

– grinding wheel of the machine

It is thicker than the general blade with a thickness of 4 mm. This grinding wheel is used for workpieces that have excess. But the results obtained are not very neat.

– steel cutting blade

Thin type, able to cut stainless steel, copper, aluminum. The thickness of the cutting blade is available in both 1 layer and 2 layers. There are many types to choose from depending on usage.

– Wood cutting blade 24 teeth

Looks like a general wood cutting saw blade, with coarse teeth, the number of saw teeth will be small. fine-toothed The number of saw teeth will be large. Fine saw teeth, cut lines are beautiful, but slow, coarse teeth, cut lines are not very beautiful. but will cut quickly Should choose to use cutting blades that are suitable for the type of wood to be cut. will make the saw blade work for a long time, not bent or worn out quickly

– tile cutter or plaster cutter

There are both grooved teeth. Technicians will like to use it very much. Suitable for cutting stone or concrete, is a job that requires speed. But the work will not come out very smoothly. Another type is a type with frequent teeth. Suitable for work that requires beauty such as tile cutting.

The main usage is about this. You can buy it at a hardware store. Suitable for both construction work and beautiful furniture That’s why I said it’s a personal weapon for mechanics. that must be carried with you, carry your bag and take it everywhere Without me you will feel This sentence can be used.