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The Melo movie is a film which is based on a 1929 melodrama written by Henry Bernstein Azevedotechcrunch. It stars Pierre Arditi and Sabina Azema, and was produced as a play. Alain Resnais directed the movie, which is credited as his first foray into the linear narrative genre.

For those who are interested in the fine art of cinema, Melo is one of the most interesting pieces of work to come out of France in many decades. Although it is not entirely clear how its director, Alain Resnais, stumbled upon the concept, he managed to turn the aforementioned play into a well-made feature film. In a few short years, the film has earned him acclaim as a master of the cinematic arts.

As for the actual production of Melo, the movie was banned in Germany because of the presence of Jewish production personnel. However, the film was nominated for three awards. Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor in a Lead Role. Besides the usual suspects, Resnais also tapped the talents of a few notable actors and actresses. These include Andre Dussollier, Fanny Ardant, and Sabina Azema, among others.

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