The 10 Best Things to Do in Antalya

Antalya was once known as Turkey’s fastest-growing metropolis and has long since surpassed Istanbul. It is known as the “Turkish Riviera” because of its beautiful Mediterranean coastline with its warm golden sands and huge blue waves, expensive shopping districts, rich history and culture, and luxury hotels. Many tourists come from all over the world to see the wonders of Antalya, but how to make the most of your time here is a matter of curiosity.

Turkish Breakfast

Turkish breakfast is a flavor you must try when you come to Antalya. We believe it is an important element of Turkish culture, and it’s obvious how many Turks enjoy dining together, even if it takes hours. Food presentation at breakfast is the most important. Although it is nutritious and light, the meal will not leave you hungry, it will allow you to spend a whole day full. A breakfast table in Antalya is often filled with bread, cheese varieties, jams, honey, almonds, olives, vegetables (especially cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes), omelets, sausage, and of course Turkish coffee after breakfast.

Sailing in Antalya

Tourists can also enjoy the hospitality of local people in coastal villages and towns while sailing in Antalya. The unending summers are great for yachting, with moderate breezes blowing from the west and northwest, shedding light on nature’s appreciation. Mountain peaks exceeding 3000 meters above sea level are easily visible from some of the pristine and secluded beaches of the turquoise coast.

Visit Aktur Parkı

Tired of the beach and looking for something new to do in Antalya? Aktur Park is an amusement park located in Antalya’s Konyaaltı district. There are various toys and many activities for both children and adults in Aktur Park in Antalya.

Aktur Park amusement park in Antalya turns into a riot of colors, especially at night. It is really enjoyable to watch the lights of this park in the evening. This park offers a wide variety of entertainment, rides, and activities for children, teenagers, and adults. Aktur Park has more than 40 entertainment options. There are high-adrenaline, spinning coasters, and spinning attractions for thrill-seekers. If you’re not looking for exciting activities, there are gentler attractions for families and young children.

Hamams in Antalya

Spending a day in the hammam is more than just an indescribably beautiful experience that you really love to learn on your own to grasp. In the dressing cabin with a loincloth, a cotton or silk bath towel is served to the guest. You can only take a hot bath while the loincloth is around your hips.

Being in a hammam in Antalya allows you to unwind with steam and soap. Everyday problems, tension, hustle and bustle don’t stand a chance here against steam. At-Kurna, a small marble basin, the constantly flowing warm water immerses you in a world of mental and physical calm. The body is protected by one-Tas, a copper bowl filled with water that hydrates you to the point where you start sweating. If the skin is excessively soft and fluffy, a navel stone is formed on the navel stone, which is located in the middle of the pool and has a large marble surface. Here the rub-tellak, wand, and one-pouch are combined with the sturdy, all-cloth coarse-woven body so that the skin is completed and nourished properly. Afterward, a strong massage with soap is done and you will feel like you have been reborn.

Museums in Antalya

A modern metropolis that is popular worldwide, Antalya is located between the Mediterranean waves and stone hills. While many people love long summers and sleepless nights, others like to discover the mysteries hidden in Antalya’s museums. Underneath the current brilliance, there is a very ancient culture waiting to be noticed.

Visiting Kaleici is the best choice to understand and have a look at what it once was. This huge residence has been renovated with every room to explore 19th-century culture. Period details are meticulously preserved, authenticity is guaranteed, and visitors will discover extensive exhibits of the past filled with realistic mannequins and historical objects. Explore numerous hidden corners to find an invaluable tradition. It is open almost every day of the week. Considering the possibility of not being able to find a place, you should definitely make a reservation in advance.

Cultural Tours in Antalya

Things to do in Antalya should always include the deep blue Mediterranean, despite its richness. We mentioned that Antalya, Turkey, has almost unlimited alternatives for places to visit. We can continue with this if you want. Antalya’s holiday cultural tour can easily be guaranteed to seduce you. A Lycian Way is an option. Antalya sites include Hisarcandr – Göynük, Gedeleme – Olympos Mountain – Beycik – Çıralı, Çıralı – Ulupnar – Yanartaş (Chimera), and Adrasan.

See Duden Waterfalls

Would you like to experience the magnificent splendor of Düden Waterfall, located 14 kilometers northeast of Antalya? It is quite easy to walk to the old cave behind the waterfall on the Lara Coastal Road from here. You can witness the cascading waters of the Lower Düden Waterfall from a height of forty meters with your own eyes and ears.

Find a Great Photo Location

For those with a special interest in architecture and those who bring a tripod and a perspective correction lens, Antalya has some of the most diverse architectural designs in the world. Many of Antalya’s most important sights are concentrated around the Old City, and capturing these images with a camera is a completely different feeling.

Antalya, the cradle of civilizations, has witnessed the existence of various civilizations for four thousand years. In this fascinating city, where green and blue are intertwined, you will find a deep-rooted historical treasure beyond the water and sand. The Lycian civilization, whose administration influenced Western democracies, came to life in this region.

Antalya offers more than the natural splendor of its city nestled between the mountains and the sea. There are many old towns and historical places where you can observe wonderful historical architecture and monuments.

Purchase an Apartment in Antalya

One of the best things you can do is to buy an apartment in Antalya. Anyone who decides to buy a property in Antalya is on the right track. The vast region, which includes the large city center and smaller seaside resorts such as Belek and Side, promises a lot for the future. Antalya has consistently shown that you are the winner in the Turkish real estate market, but local council leaders are not confident in their success, and their future plans look brilliant.

Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying a Property in Antalya

Individuals can acquire Turkish citizenship by acquiring real estate in Turkey. This option is suitable for both international individuals and foreign businesses. There are certain standards by the person or institution in order to be entitled to citizenship through the purchase of the real estate.,

First, the person or institution must purchase real estate in Turkey worth at least $400,000. In order for a person or organization to apply for Turkish citizenship, they must not sell their real estate in Turkey for at least three years. In addition, the individual or firm must have no criminal history and must not pose a threat to Turkish public security or order.

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