The position of the breast augmentation surgery

The position of the surgical wound affects taking care of yourself after surgery. There are 3 positions of breast surgery incisions:

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– Armpit area. The scars in this area are suitable for Thai people. This is because Asians generally tend to have postoperative scars, slow wound healing, and are more prone to bulges than other nationalities. If you don’t want to see the scars at all, you can hide the scars under the armpits. But in the first period after the surgery, the wound will be very painful because it is close to the arm muscles. can’t make much movement

– Around the breast, the scars in this area are popular among foreigners. Suitable for people whose wounds heal quickly. and not a convex scar It can be operated more easily and is easier to shape than surgery at other locations. Nowadays, patients are very popular like this. But for those who are slow to heal wounds may be scars. causing scars on the edge of the bra

– The birthmark is located at the junction of dark skin and light skin on the nipple. When the wound heals, it is hardly visible. The surgery is as simple as an incision in the breast area. can hide the wound But the disadvantage is that some people may have numb nipples. because the surgery is very close to the nipple And surgery in this area is the only area that may interfere with the breast tissue.

There are two types of silicone positions: Place it under the muscle or over the muscle

Which is placed under the muscle is suitable for people who do not have a lot of breast meat. Silicone must be placed under the muscle to cover the breast tissue. and prevent breast hardening After surgery, it will be very painful and difficult to lift your arm at first.

The placement on the muscles is suitable for women who have some breast meat. The doctor will insert a silicone implant over the chest. Because the patient already has breast meat Putting it over the muscles will help bras and solve the problem of sagging breasts. People who put silicone over their breasts will have less pain. and it only takes about 1 week to recuperate.

When you know how to choose silicone, which size to choose, the most important thing to consider is safety first. Because breast surgery is a major surgery. An anesthetic and general anesthesia is required before surgery. Therefore, it must be done in a standardized operating room and performed by a specialist doctor only.

Prepare all aspects before surgery.

Before undergoing breast surgery Patients need to prepare like any other major surgery. The steps that must be followed are as follows:

– Must have a physical examination before undergoing surgery and must not have underlying diseases that are dangerous for surgery, such as diseases related to high blood pressure Must be normalized to be able to undergo general anesthesia for surgery

– The test results must be normal.

– Before major surgery, must refrain from food and water for 12 hours.

– If you are having your period during the surgery, you should postpone the medication. Because of the chest surgery, there is a lot of blood loss.

– Abstain from alcohol and smoking 1 week before the surgery. Because it may cause complications after surgery.

– Abstain from certain drugs, supplements or vitamins that cause the blood to not clot or stop flowing slowly.

Pay attention to the care of the wound after surgery.

– Usually it takes about 1 week to cut the threads.

– After the surgery, the breast must be massaged regularly to keep the silicone in place and the breasts are not hardened because the fascia shrinks.

– You have to be careful about congestion. or old blood congestion in the chest

– Be careful of inflammation After the surgery in the beginning. You should not work hard. abstain from exercise or use a lot of force Otherwise, the wound will tear or become inflamed.

If you take good care of yourself Silicone lasts for 10 years

Choosing a silicone and choosing a doctor who specializes in surgery This will make breast surgery safer and last longer. Because a professional doctor can recommend a silicone that is standard and suitable for us. Usually, the factory that produces medical grade silicone guarantees only 5 years of service life. Patients do not need surgery to correct or replace the silicone. Because if you take good care of yourself, this silicone can last up to 10 years.