Tips For Safer Gambling: Slotxo Online Casino

For many people, gambling is exciting and entertaining. But it must always be clear how much we can spend, how much time we want to play and take it as fun.

Our tips for you to control the game:

Decide on a maximum limit for your losses before you start and stick to it.

Playing responsibly is the way to keep gaming always fun. The key is to be clear that “it’s just a game.”

Never ask for money to play.

Set the maximum time you want to play and don’t exceed it.

Do not play for a long time, take short breaks frequently and if you think you need a longer break, use our self-exclusion tool.

Alternate the game with other types of activities

Play for fun, not for money or to avoid trouble. Do not play when you are feeling stressed, depressed, drunk, or in trouble of any kind.

Do not chase or try to recover losses.

Don’t let gambling affect your relationships with family and friends.

Play only with the money you already had for entertainment, never with money assigned to fixed expenses, such as food, transportation…

Remember to always play on safe and regulated websites such as slot online gambling platforms.

You must always be of legal age to be able to play online.

How to detect that someone has a problem?

He leaves his family alone for long periods of time in order to play.

He often argues with his family about how much time he spends gambling or how much he spends on gambling.

You cannot stop playing or limit your habit, exceed the times you had previously stipulated.

Start depositing money for rent/mortgage payments, schools, medical expenses, food, utilities…

Think about the game, about your next bet when you are at work, university, with family, or friends. Thus leaving you to enjoy your social life.

He sees gambling as a way to earn quick money.

If you see yourself reflected in any of the above points, we suggest that you take action immediately BEFORE this becomes a worse problem. There are numerous organizations that can help you control this problem.

In the same way, slotxo will carry out an exhaustive check of the behavior and/or game patterns of our players in order to detect possible changes in them that could indicate some type of problem with the game. For example, a significant increase in hours and/or money spent in-game for no apparent reason in a short period of time; Patterns that indicate that the player is doubling down to try to cover losses; Negative and/or desperate attitudes that indicate the player irritability in their interactions with customer service, etc.

In the event that a problematic pattern of behavior such as those mentioned above was detected, our Responsible Gaming team will contact the player in question to try to help them and try to suggest some actions that can make their gaming experience safer, such as deposit and/or gaming session limits more in line with your possibilities, block the account for a limited time, etc.

If the player in question refuses to proceed with the suggested actions and continues his compulsive gambling behavior, even after several warnings, our joker123 team will take appropriate action to mitigate this behavior. Among these measures, we can highlight the imposition of stricter limits on deposits and/or gaming sessions by the operator, the temporary suspension of the player account, and even the indefinite closure of the same, if necessary.



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