Top 10 Waterfalls in Malaysia

Malaysia’s tourism is best known for its shopping, cuisine, and biodiversity. It is one of the lively and vibrant countries that attracts thousands of tourists to explore and experience its heritage and Asian culture. People in Malaysia love thrills and adventure, but besides that, you cannot ignore the beautiful waterfalls in Malaysia which are undoubtedly a serene sight to the eyes. So grab Malaysia visa now to delve into the best waterfalls in Malaysia.

1. Kotta Tinggi waterfalls

Kotta Tinggi is a famous waterfall among the tourist attractions located in Johor. There are two waterfalls nestled in the same location. The closest waterfall view is a beautiful dribble falls with dammed pools where you can just sit or swim around. The other one is a free fall that cataracts from the beautiful rock valley. Kotta Tinggi waterfall is a must-see site.

2. Rainbow waterfalls

Rainbow waterfall, as named, promises a spectacular sight that won’t let you down. If you visit at the right time, you can witness how falling water creates a scenic rainbow. The journey is only accessible by 4-wheeler-vehicles, and for the best view, visit in the early morning, after the rain, when the sun is low.

3. Sungai Chiling waterfalls

Chiling Waterfall is one of the most intriguing waterfalls because it can only be seen after crossing seven rivers. Be prepared to get your feet wet on an exciting walk, which is an adventurous activity for visitors. Due to rules by the Selangor Fisheries Dept., plan your trips only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

4. Ulu Chepor waterfalls

If you are looking for a cool and relaxed spot on the hot days of summer, then Ulu Chepor waterfall is the place for you. The waterfall is highly popular due to the clear and cool water that cascades down the Kledang Hills peak. You can also explore the greenery, and muddy trails and enjoy a meal in the basic cabins available there.

5. Telagah tujuh waterfalls

Telagah Tujuh waterfall, popularly regarded as ‘the seven wells’, is amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in Malaysia. The seven wells’ name comes from the series of seven interwoven ponds supplied by seven different waterfalls. The best time to visit waterfalls is during September, right after the monsoon.

6. Manhwa waterfalls

The Manhwa waterfalls are one of the newest waterfalls open to the public. You have to trek 500 meters down a well-kept trail, which will lead you to Manhwa waterfalls, falling from a height of 17 meters. You can spot hundreds of butterflies and animals during the trek, which indeed seems like a dreamland.

7. Dinding waterfalls

Dinding waterfall tucked deep within the Lamber Hills national park, is a hidden gem of east Malaysia. You have to trek for 2 hours to complete the steep through the green forest, spotting inhabitants of the park. A popular location for picnics and having a good time.

8. Sekayu waterfalls

Sekayu waterfall, located in Kuala Berang, Terengganu, boots its beauty being the popular attraction site in the state. The waterfall contains cascading features, water-cut pools, gardens, fruit orchards, and a little zoo. Sekayu waterfall is a favorite picnicking and trekking spot among the locals.

9. Kanching rainforest waterfalls

Kanching waterfall in Kuala Lumpur, which is a roughly 30-minute drive, is sheer beauty. The rainforest enriches the surrounding splendor, which is beyond words. Either take a picnic basket and enjoy nature, or you can challenge yourself to hike on the seven levels of Kanching waterfalls.

10. Temrun waterfalls

Temrun waterfalls, also known as Air Terjun, Temrun, is the tallest waterfall in Langkawi. The three-tire water originating from the black rock forms a shallow pool suitable for swimming for children and adults. The Temrun waterfall is a chilling venue for visitors.

Waterfalls in Malaysia are unarguably magical, and travelers could not stand to ignore them. So, grab your Malaysia visa now and explore these top 10 famous waterfalls in Malaysia, which are truly nature’s paradise.



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