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Introducing SambaNova AI Series 5B, our new, next-generation DataFlow-as-a-Service. Whether you’re deploying your next enterprise application on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud-based application platform, or simply need to manage your databases and other applications, SambaNova AI Series 5B will deliver an incredibly fast, scalable, and secure solution.


Founded by industry luminaries including a duo of ex-Googlers, SambaNova Systems has landed several significant prizes in its quest to deliver the next generation DataScale platform. Specifically, the fabled SambaFlow (pronounced fa-fa-fa) is a fully integrated software and hardware system aimed at executing broad AI applications. Combined with SambaNova’s deep learning expertise, the resulting stack enables users to take advantage of the latest in AI research and development. The company has also received a plethora of awards and accolades for its innovations, most notably the best rated startup in the aforementioned industry awards.

In short, the SambaNova Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture (RDA) is a technological marvel. It features an innovative software-defined architecture that enables enterprises to harness the lion’s share of the compute power available in the market today. This is achieved through the combination of a high-speed fabric and the RDA’s patented, reconfigurable dataflow unit (RDU) which is designed for native dataflow processing. This combination enables a new breed of software-centric enterprise to deliver the next generation of artificial intelligence. In addition to the aforementioned RDA, SambaNova offers a variety of high-performance server products and services. The company’s enterprise solutions include its DataScale (aka Dataflow) platform, an enterprise-grade hyperscale cloud solution that combines the company’s proprietary hyperconverged system with a range of third-party cloud services, all of which are integrated into a single portal.


Whether you are training your own machine learning model or using a commercial provider, you have probably heard about the benefits of SambaNova’s Dataflow-as-a-Service. This is a service that allows businesses to tap into SambaNova’s AI system, which has been optimized to process billions of data points. It will help speed up your artificial intelligence capabilities in just a few weeks.

SambaNova is an AI startup that provides machine learning services. It has built a reconfigurable “dataflow” architecture, which runs on an open-source software stack called SambaFlow. This architecture enables it to process data without the need for complex parallelization efforts. The result is high performance, low power consumption, and ease of use.

The flagship SambaNova system is a reconfigurable Dataflow unit, which is packaged with eight Cardinal chips and 12 terabytes of DDR4 memory. This combination allows for continuous learning at the edge.

SambaNova’s hardware and software combination is designed to perform high-performance data processing and train complex deep learning models. SambaNova’s tensor streaming processors are tuned for machine learning processes and can handle six petaops of performance. Its 3.3 kW of power usage and simplified architecture make it ideal for handling large-scale AI workloads.

SambaNova’s dataflow-as-a-service can be configured to fit a specific business’s needs. It can be integrated into an existing data center, or it can be hosted in the cloud.

About SambaNova

Founded by former chip executive Rodrigo Liang, SambaNova is one of the hottest AI startups today. The company is known for its computer vision and speech recognition capabilities. It is also a leader in big data and machine learning. Its primary product is a software-hardware system called DataScale.

SambaNova’s basic offering is the DataScale SN10-8R, which features an AMD processor paired with eight Cardinal chips. Each chip is a reconfigurable node, which is designed to perform in-loop training. The chip is built on TSMC’s N7 process, and it supports 153 GB/s of bandwidth. This makes it ideal for modeling optimization and reclassification.

SambaNova has built a software and hardware platform for artificial intelligence that enables customers to quickly and efficiently deploy deep learning. The company has also launched a free developer cloud for research institutions. The service focuses on applications rather than legacy technology, and it helps organizations deploy AI solutions in just days. It’s also a subscription-based on-demand service that enables enterprises to tap into the company’s AI system without having to maintain it.


The company recently closed a $676 million Series D round, led by SoftBank. Intel Capital has also invested in SambaNova. In addition, President Joe Biden has announced a $180 billion initiative to invest in R&D for advanced computing.



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