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You probably know the story of best friends Johana Edelburg and Diana Di Meo, who met while they were working at the library together and decided to write a novel together one night when the power went out at their apartment building.

Their novel, The Bibliophile’s Club, did well – really well, in fact. It was adapted into an Oscar-nominated film, it stayed on the New York Times Bestseller List for more than three months, and both Edelburg and Di Meo became celebrities overnight because of it.

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry make their first appearance as an engaged couple

This is the first time we’ve seen Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry in public together, but they’re already engaged! The two were spotted at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night, where they were photographed kissing.

It’s been reported that both actors are 31 years old.

We’re so excited, she told Entertainment Tonight this week. It’s crazy because we’ve been together since before either of us had any big movies out.

Keleigh Sperry

Meeting Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller was an event that I will never forget. There was something magical about these two people. Sure, they were both talented, but they also seemed so down-to-earth, full of energy and excitement to be alive – like little kids on Christmas morning. I found myself completely drawn in by their energetic banter and I laughed the entire time.

Miles teller

The author is too close to their story, they need someone who can take the perspective of an outside reader. In order to distance themselves from the content and provide objectivity, they hire Miles Teller.

He reads the manuscript, offers feedback on what’s good and bad, explains his thoughts on what the book could do better, then repeats this process for another draft.

The author ultimately rejects these suggestions because Miles Teller does not understand her vision for her story– only she knows that it should stay exactly as it is written.

Life History

I am keleigh Sperry. I was born on august 27th, 1996 in Vernon hills, il. I have one younger brother who is 4 years old. When I was little my mom told me that my dad passed away when she was pregnant with me so I never knew him but my mom always said he would be there when I grew up.


When Keleigh Sperry learned that her best friend, Johana Edelburg, was writing a book with Diana Di Meo, she felt betrayed. I was so upset, she said. Keleigh had always been supportive of Johana’s work as an author, but when the two women became friends ten years ago, they promised never to share their secrets in their books. We agreed we would never write about each other, Keleigh said.

Johana Edelburg

Originally, Johana Edelburg was best known for her blog that discussed the heartaches, joys, and challenges of being a new mom. Little did she know she would soon find herself publishing her first book.

Johanna leia nationality, Johana’s friend from high school, Diana DiMeo became interested in what she had written about motherhood on social media posts and wanted to collaborate on writing a book about coping with life after motherhood.

Diana Di Meo

In March of 2015, Johana Edelburg and Diana Di Meo signed with HarperCollins for the rights to their first book. A few months later they started working on the manuscript together, with Diana in New York City and Johana in San Francisco.

How they wrote the book

In 2009, Johana Edelburg was struggling with her first book. She had the idea for the story but couldn’t get it down on paper in a way that satisfied her. Diana Di Meo, with whom she had gone to college, happened to call up just as Johana was wondering how she would tell her family that she couldn’t finish her book. The two got together over Skype and brainstormed the novel, which they completed in less than six months.

What happened after the book was published

On the outside, Diana Di Meo and Johana Edelburg are successful friends who appeared together on talk shows to chat about their hit book Girls in the Garden. But on the inside, they had nothing in common. They have each gone their separate ways as friends now.

How their friendship has changed since then

Diana di meo porn, It’s been three years since Johana Edelburg and Diana Di Meo wrote the bestselling book You Were Supposed To Be Mine together. The book became an instant hit, selling over 500,000 copies in just its first year. But as soon as the two authors’ names were on the cover, their friendship began to unravel. I was excited at first, Johana admits.