Why Dustsilver Kawaii Keyboard Is Comportable To Gaming

If you are looking for a new keyboard for your computer, but aren’t sure what to get, you should check out the kawaii keyboard from Dustsilver. It is available at a very reasonable price and has many features you can enjoy.

Bluetooth 5.0

The kawaii keyboard is a compact wireless keyboard with a tenkeyless layout. This type of keyboard is ideal for writers who need to switch between connected Bluetooth devices. However, it lacks some key features. You also won’t be able to change the configuration software or backlighting.

If you need a full-featured 65% keyboard, you may want to look at the Royal Kludge RK68. It’s affordable, hot-swappable, and has an abbreviated navigation cluster. It’s also available in a variety of colors. Although it’s not the most compact, it’s still much more portable than the Magic Keyboard.

Another great option is the kawaii keyboard. It has Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G connectivity and can be used with Windows or macOS. Despite its low-key aesthetic, it comes with a beefy USB-A cable. For extra convenience, the keyboard comes with a USB-A pass-through connector.

One more compact keyboard to look at is the kawaii keyboard. This Japanese keyboard is designed to use rechargeable batteries, making it cheaper to buy from the manufacturer. While it’s not as convenient as USB-rechargeable Li-On battery packs, it’s a slick design and very lightweight.

The Obinslab is a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that supports up to four host devices. You can also change the layout and bindings. But the key feature here is the per-key RGB fireworks.


The wireless kawaii keyboard from Dustsilver is a slick little piece of kit. With features like a 2.4G wireless connection, RGB lighting, and 84 keys, this is one keyboard you will not be sorry you bought. The price is right, too, at around $80 (USD). It’s an ideal companion for your desk. Just remember to pick up a few key caps to match!

The keyboard is also a winner in the category of portability. With a battery life of roughly 3 hours, you can take this thing with you anywhere. To get the most bang for your buck, buy a keyboard with a high-quality rechargeable battery. Depending on your needs, you may want to consider a tethered alternative, which will require a little more setup time, but will give you the freedom of moving around your office without having to plug in a device. You may even opt for a wireless one, which will occupy less real estate on your desk.

For gaming enthusiasts, a high-quality keyboard is a must have. With features like a large on-board memory, a programmable macro function, and RGB illumination, this is a keyboard you will be glad you bought. And if you are looking for an all-around solution, consider the kawaii keyboard, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


The price of the kawaii keyboard is a splurge on your part, but you can’t help but wrack up a few hundos for a decent set of keys paired with a good mouse. Not to mention the aforementioned pixies. Having said that, the kawaii has a few qualms, the most prominent being the lack of wireless connectivity, but that’s a story for another time. It’s worth a second look if you’re serious about gaming. The mkx keyboard also comes with a matching Kawaii Mouse and a nifty carrying case. Lastly, if your office is a slumber party, you’re in luck. This is especially true if you’re into table top gaming. For more seasoned gamers, you might just have to get over to your friend’s house to play a good old fashioned board game night.


One of the best features of the DUSTSILVER kawaii keyboard is the durable nature of the switches. Cherry MX switches are designed to have a long lifespan of 20 to 50 million keystrokes. This means that you can easily replace them when they wear down. Also, the keycaps that come with the keyboard are PBT, which are known to be more durable. However, they may become shiny over time.

The keyboard has a backlight that has 21 different color effects. Each effect is customizable through the Windows software. In addition, the top right corner light shows the connection mode. Moreover, the battery level is indicated through the backlight. With this, you can know how many keystrokes you’ve been able to achieve. You can also use the programmable OLED screen to make on-the-fly settings adjustments.

They run off two AA batteries

Kawaii keyboards are not your average keyboard. They’re ultra-lightweight, run on AA batteries, and have a surprisingly long lifespan. These keyboards are ideal for ultra-gamers looking for a unique experience. Unlike traditional mechanical keyboards, they offer an array of customizable modifier keys, including those for the Mac-modifier row mode. This allows you to tweak the keys for the exact input you require, from a simple single-click to an intricate key mapping process. The Matias Laptop Pro is one of these keyboards. It uses two AA batteries and is designed to work with Windows.

Another option is the Alt keyboard. It offers a few more features, including the ability to scroll through basic RGB lighting scenes. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t have QMK support.

Kawaii Keyboard from Dustsilver

A review of the Kawaii keyboard from Dustsilver uncovered a couple of nifty surprises. For starters, there’s a cool looking keyboard that uses the best of MX style switches, making for one of the most pleasant typing experiences we’ve ever had. Plus, it’s got a nifty light show that’s on par with any of the best in the business. It’s not a cheapo, though, with the base model a mere $109.99. The company also offers a limited number of special editions, such as the oh-so-exclusive tee-able keyboard.

Lastly, the company has been putting out quality gaming equipment for more than a decade. That’s no small feat, if you’re after a gaming rig that will withstand the rigors of a seasoned pro. To top it off, the brand is known for being one of the few to deliver on time and on budget. If you’re in the market for a new home gaming machine, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Dustsilver.

Luckily, the brand is a family affair, so you can count on a friendly, helpful, and fun owner. Lastly, the company has an excellent support and service network, which isn’t a bad thing for anyone that uses the Internet. As a bonus, the company also offers free shipping on all orders. This might be a good thing, considering our recent purchase of the Kawaii TKL.



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